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Arabias secret face mask should be used in addition to your skincare regiment. For dry skin it is recommended to use only once a week. For oily skin 2-3 times per week. Our Serum can be used daily before or after moisturizing for dry skin. S|Kay recommends use 2-3times a week for oily skin.

Unfortunately we do not offer money back guarantee for change of mind or if this product does not agree with your skin. However if the product is faulty we do offer replacement.

Once the order has been placed we are bound to the information received for delivery so please take time to ensure you have placed correct delivery details

S|Kay recommends a patch test before use if you find yourself irritated please discontinue use immediately.

This is not the reaction that should occur. After using Arabia’s Secret face mask or scrub your facial skin should appear cleaner, tighter ,softer and more rejuvenated.

Using warm water gently wash of the face mask in a circular motion.

ABSOLUTELY, S|Kay is committed to providing only natural ingredients this includes all natural preservatives.

Unless a product is being made to be used on the spot yes it is important for all skincare products that contain fluid to have preservatives. This keeps our products from growing all sorts of moulds and microbial.

Once product has been opened please use within 3months. Before opening 2 year expiry.

Absolutely as this is an all natural product there is nothing to suggest harm to mum or bub during pregnancy.

S|kay definitely recommends you check with skincare dermatologist before use. There has been nothing to suggest that this product s not suitable but you should always double check

Arabia’s Secret face Mask and Serum are made and manufactured right here in Australia. We are also based in Australia.